Friday, October 23, 2020
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“You are an ass and the rest of your life you will remain one,” Rocky Mirza said, condescendingly blowing a ring of smoke at him, “We live only once, mate, my philosophy is live like there is no tomorrow, have fun.

The Thirst

The sun hadn’t risen. The fog-ridden streets of this city were not safe for women, yet the girl tossed about the whole night in an unknown discontentment.

The Price of Friendship

A sharp pain rushed through Arif's heart. I too am responsible for Sukhia's death, he thought. He could have easily saved his friend's life.


Bangladesh Media on Ventilator: Survival is in the Paywall

The old revenue model of newspapers was first hit by a degenerating disease some two decades ago. The coronavirus crisis has sent...

Coronavirus – the end of globalization?

The Coronavirus is bringing radical changes to humanity. It has already brought severe consequences to the global economy. Stock markets around the...

The C** Word: Covid-19 and Calculation

Calculation is omnipresent in the current pandemic. And yet, Continental philosophers never talk about calculation: it seems to be the c** of...

Power, Appearance, and Obscenity: Five Reflections

ONE: The New Obscene MasterThe obscene public space that is emerging today changes the way the opposition between...

How Scientism Spawns Pseudoscience and Science Denialism

Scientism – the belief that science is the only valid source of knowledge and that all legitimate questions can be answered by...
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